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Our Values


We share the vision that through educational philanthropy we can change the world. We care about what we do and that we make a genuine difference to people’s lives.


We take pride in our work and go the extra mile. We want people to always seek to improve, to rise to greater challenges and to fulfil their full potential. We want to bring together every talent we can, across our team, across our clients and our industry.


We step up, drive it, and deliver it. We collaborate, communicate, we share and we're accountable. We never let a client down or ourselves. And as a team, we support each other every day to achieve that.


We are honest, approachable and trustworthy. We believe in being yourself and working together to make a difference. We are a diverse group of people and that matters to us a great deal.

Current Vacancies

Current Vacancies

We have no specific vacancies at the moment but are always interested to hear from talented people who share our values.

Graduate Training Scheme

Shared Vision has one of the best graduate programmes in our sector. Around the world, many senior professionals started their careers with us. From Development Directors to Annual Fund Managers, working in Oxbridge to Australia, these exceptional individuals learnt their craft on our varied and demanding programmes. Lots of travel and lots responsibility, it is the ideal way to join the world of educational philanthropy.


We have a deep commitment to supporting learning through apprenticeships. We have taken on young people across the organisation’s activities including Accounts, Administration, Design, Marketing and Sales and at different apprenticeship levels. Whether you are leaving school at 16 or 18 or looking for a post-degree position, we would like to hear from you.