An Integrated, Secure Solution

Through an API we integrate directly into your database, so your system is always up to date, with seamless data traffic in a secure ISO 27001 environment. The nightmare of endless imports and exports is over.

Gain Insight

Utilising the power of our data warehouse with tens of millions of data points, Serafina reveals new depth and significance in your data. You will discover new segments and new prospects, a wealth of new opportunities and clarity on where your resources should be deployed. This will maximise the impact of research, engagement and asking, revealing the most effective way to deliver all your goals.

Discover New Opportunities

By using the knowledge and experience of many you can find the hidden patterns and opportunities within your database. You can discover the people who could be major donors. You can discover your best legacy prospects. You can discover, before even they know it, the people who will be your biggest supporters in future. Powerful algorithms based on millions of records let you spot the younger people who will not only be most likely to give but who will produce the greatest income in the years ahead

Assess the Potential of Your Database

These powerful algorithms help you to understand how likely someone is to give, how much they can give and the chances of getting in touch with them. But that is only half the story. Serafina will show you every donor’s journey, revealing the step by step history of giving and predicting their future giving potential. This makes it possible to unveil the fundraising potential of your entire database.

Plan Campaigns

Armed with the granular knowledge of all your constituents, you can build segmentation groups and cases, measure one campaign approach against another. You can now run different scenarios to see how different pools, discrete asks and the deployment of different fundraising activities will compare. Serafina allows you to identify the optimal approach to use within each of your segmented groups to create campaigns that will achieve your goals.

Build a Calendar of Activity

By stacking and ordering campaigns you can see how each activity can work in concert, snowballing your success through the year. Serafina allows you to turn your campaign calendar into a symphony. Once you find the ultimate combination to meet your goals, you can also examine how resourcing affects the outcomes. Best of all, Serafina gives you the evidence needed to get investment buy-in and the confidence to deliver on your predictions.


Integrate Activities

Take coordination and integration of your engagement, fundraising and stewardship to the next level. Serafina lets you match target audiences across all parts of your operation, so that in an orchestrated process your activities continuously warm, ask and thank. By setting up your ideal timing Serafina makes it easy to create engagement at the right time to maximise fundraising responses. Or you can run stewardship events to include your newest donors in order to cement their new relationship and letting you qualify new major prospects quickly so they can be streamed to your f2f team. Not only can your team work together collaboratively, through Serafina each member can contribute to the delivery of the whole team’s objectives.

Extend Beyond the Team

Serafina makes it easy to extend your team. Callers, volunteers, ambassadors, year reps, class gift askers and parental helpers are empowered and genuinely part of your shared goals. You can schedule their activities, provide scripting, use smart allocation to ensure they are matched to the best possible people and let them deploy the right follow-up and gift fulfilment. You can give individual feedback and share team messages that join everyone into your successes.

Remote Working

Serafina is cloud-based and securely accessible through two-factor authentication, providing the space for individuals and teams to work remotely in an effective way. Your call room no longer needs to be on site. Your parent volunteers are supported to work from home. Serafina lets you remotely manage f2f askers operating in their regions and year reps amongst their peer groups.

True Multi-Channel Communications

You can integrate every communication channel across your whole team – f2f, phone, mail, email, text. Whether you need to send automated texts to remind prospects of calls, meetings or events, or you want to build complex email subscriber groups with multiple segmentation rules, you can do it. On demand dispatch or automated triggers ensure you can manage the communication stream to keep constituents informed and deliver calls to action which will take them from observers to active participants.

Easy, Immediate Dispatch

Serafina puts immediate and rapid communications through mail, email and text messages at your disposal. You can create mail merges and individual letters and stream them from your desktop straight to the mailing house for immediate dispatch. Print on demand lets you schedule multiple inserts so that every letter gets the personalisation and documentation that you require, but without you stuffing envelopes all day. Utilising the power of secure email and text messages you will save time and money, whilst giving your constituents the personal attention they want and deserve.

Build one Success Upon Another

Now you will be able to easily stream donor segments from one campaign into another. By building smart workflows you can create a sequence of campaigns that optimise your outcomes. Move individuals seamlessly through the donor cycle, deploying internal and external resources anywhere in the world, through all channels of communication in real-time. Accelerate prospects through the journey from single gifts, to regular, major giving and legacies, maximising opportunities and super charging your activities to achieve a true, sustainable and ubiquitous culture of giving.



Enrich Data for Maximum ROI

Serafina will help you to focus your research efforts by flagging people who need research and by suggesting the likelihood of success for different research activities. Serafina predicts the research impact on your fundraising outcomes. This will allow you to decide on the right activity to the right people to maximise outcomes. With Serafina you can automate your research follow-up, allowing you to deliver immediate actions such as when a prospect becomes ‘lost’ for the first time, getting them back in touch quickly before they become disengaged and difficult to find. Serafina records every research action you take, so you know what you have tried and when, ensuring you don’t repeat steps that are unlikely to bring fresh results. This allows you to clean and enrich your data in the most effective way, saving you time and resources.

Rich, Dynamic Ask Management

Serafina empowers your askers and fundraisers to say the right things to the right people at the right time. Powerful and flexible scripting technology allows them to confidently undertake the many stages of an ask, avoiding mistakes and maximising outcomes. Whether you are sending fundraisers out to do face-to-face fundraising, or you have callers on the phone, or volunteers raising money at an event, you want them to have the correct information at their disposal. Serafina makes sure your case for support is communicated well and crucial elements like fulfilment, tax, payment, matching are done thoroughly and accurately. Serafina delivers perfect asking and administration in a secure environment that means you can even trust part-time volunteers to safely hold and gather the information you need.

Create an Elevated Ask

You want so much more from a call or a visit than just fundraising. It’s not enough to simply get a gift. Set up all your mentoring, events, further study and other alumni relations activities, define the target audiences and Serafina will put the information in front of your askers and fundraisers at the right time so all of your objectives are completed. The software even prompts to gather missing data or recognises older information and gets is checked. Asking, engagement, qualification and stewardship can all be developed in one go.

Give Personalised Treatment to Your Supporters

Through Serafina’s powerful and flexible scripting technology you can develop the case for support and the benefits of giving to suit individual supporter groups, so the asker makes the approach appropriate and compelling. Empower your askers and callers to use the tone of approach needed whether for larger donors for a leadership group or recent alums you want to join young giving circle.  Combine this with personalised and bespoke follow-up and stewardship to create even stronger relationships and trust with your donors.

Make the Right Call Every Time

Serafina’s advanced matching and optimisation algorithms mean that callers are given the best allocation. Matching is carefully based on shared demographics and interests and as callers progress in skill, they are automatically given more important prospects. Experienced campaign managers have the flexibility to fully adjust settings in real-time. The allocation system in Serafina simultaneously considers the pool and campaign duration, previous call attempts, time zones and the likelihood of success, to deploy the very best people to call minute by minute.

Run the Perfect Phone Campaign

Serafina lets you take total control of your call room, on-site or remotely. With the advanced modelling and insight features you have full clarity over your segments, targets, results and predictions and receive performance analysis across a wide set of KPIs. You can monitor both the personal development of callers and route map progress in real-time. You know when you hit milestones and know how to achieve your goal. Equipped with this clarity, you can concentrate your efforts on caller motivation. Serafina’s efficient multi-channel fulfilment and integrated payment collection makes personalised follow up very simple, saving you time during a busy period. Automated fulfilment tracking and smart call back scheduling further reduce admin time and enable you to focus on the callers. Define your rule-based settings and Serafina will automatically move those not called at the end of the campaign to new solicitation streams and sweep donors to giving circles, thanking and stewardship activities.

Make Digital Campaigns Work in Real-Time

Serafina has the systems and tools to make giving days easily achievable, whatever web platform you are using. In advance you can define communications templates with wordings and dynamic drop-ins to different segments. You decide the recipient rules and the timing, at scheduled points or based on certain triggers, such as reaching specified targets. Serafina then automatically sends your planned communications as the day progresses. Responding to donations, unsubscribes and click-throughs, Serafina continuously updates multiple email and text recipient groups, redirecting prospects to the correct lists. This means you can promote challenges automatically, reporting progress to target audiences as it happens, send messages to prompt volunteers to share posts or prompt donations. Messaging, asking, thanking and sending receipts all happen seamlessly within minutes of each other. On your giving day Serafina takes the administrative burden off you, so that you can concentrate on motivation, excitement and celebration.

Turn Thanking into True Appreciation

Serafina helps you to transform your stewardship and thanking, turning single gifts to regulars and making regular donors life-time investors. It gives you the power to create personalised communications with multiple dynamic messages for individual target audiences. Whilst thanking donors you can involve them in alumni relations activities that match their age, interest and geography. Serafina helps you deepen your relationships and create true partnerships. By running multi-touch campaigns across phone, text, email, mail and social media throughout the year, your donors will feel appreciated, understand the impact of their generosity and what a difference they are making as part of a community of giving.

Show Your Impact

It’s not enough for your campaigns to be great, they need to be seen and proven to be great! Having deployed state-of-the-art multi-channel approaches, transformed giving and achieved amazing outcomes, Serafina lets you share this with all your internal and external shareholders.  You can report on the results of campaigns, specify activity periods or the whole year and you can fractualise your analysis by drilling into different KPIs, segments, regions, donor types, ages, job sectors - whatever you require. This means you can produce compelling annual reports or updates for volunteers, alumni, parents or donors, creating confidence in your audience. Serafina displays this rich tapestry of results easily, clearly and beautifully in media-ready chart, graphs and informatics and lets you schedule automated reports to your key stakeholders. Whether you are talking to the head of your institution, your development board, trusts, development colleagues or other staff, you can offer the evidence and clarity to provide strategic guidance they will trust.