Programme Consultancy and Insight

In a partnership of shared ideas and shared expertise we can help you deliver your vision

Programme Consultancy

Delivering Campaigns

There is a lot to running any type of campaign. We can offer as much insight, experience and practical help as you need. We offer both complete solutions and partial support. Whether it’s a giving day, a phonathon, class-giving, a reunion giving, graduation giving or legacy programme, it takes both planning and resources. Campaigns are a symphony of messages, askers, calls to action and fulfilment.Tailored to you, our partnership with you will allow you to stretch further, achieve more, unrestricted by internal resources.

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Serafina brings a wealth of insight. It opens up opportunities and it can help you assess and deliver your goals. It also will have you asking questions. There will be triumphs and challenges and we can help you evaluate these and develop processes to achieve your vision.

From the outset of our partnership, we can help you. From onboarding to Serafina to first interpreting the wide business intelligence it delivers. Our professional services team are here to help you unlock the full potential of this powerful resource.


We can help you plan your entire fundraising year or we can help you compose an individual activity or approach. We are expert in all aspects of regular giving. We have built multi-year plans for clients with milestones and regular reviews. We can help manage whole campaigns, conduct reviews or simply be there to talk through ‘knotty’ problems. We can help senior management understand what is possible, based on evidence drawn from millions of alumni/asker interactions. And if you do not think you are yet ready to fundraise, you should be talking to us now. We can show you how to accelerate development so you can soon start to achieve your goals.

Whatever your needs in philanthropy, we have the expertise to listen and to help. We’d love to hear from you and discuss your projects and ideas.


Campaign Design

With so many different channels and objectives, it can really help to have a partner with a wealth of experience from across the globe. Whatever fundraising or engagement activity you are planning, we can share with you both the go-to best practice and pitfalls so you know your campaign will be a huge success.

Giving day communications

We will help you design the entire communication plan for your giving day: emails, tweet, pushes and ambassador messages. A great giving day is a fusion of mass excitement with personalised asking. Whether you are deploying challenges to particular clusters or making calls to produce single gifts from regular donors, the message must be motivating and compelling. This demands many lists, multiple drop-ins and rule-based actions to redirect individuals between lists on the basis of events such as opens, click-throughs and gifts. We can make sense of the considerable planning task (made infinitely easier by the power of our software Serafina). We can help you ensure, that, on the day, you will be able to concentrate on creating buzz you need, confident on the seamless deployment of great messaging, timed to perfection.

Direct mail packs

We combine huge experience in creating mail packs with a powerful understanding of how to identify the maximum opportunities within your data set. We will help you find the right style and messaging for the right segments; help your run and learn for AB tests and give you evidenced based analysis on the impact of different grades of mailing to different constituencies. And through the use of our software Serafina, with its on-demand printing and fulfilment, we can create a streamed mailing, with analysis and improvement on each deployment, honing the impact of mailing, week after week.

Legacy campaigns

We have helped institutions secure tens of millions of pounds in legacy gifts. Whether we are helping with the production of a brochure or video, advising on the formation of legacy society, we can help. We are expert in the development and running of call-campaigns specifically aimed at qualifying legacies leads. These transformative programmes rapidly accelerate you legacy pool by allowing your fundraisers to focus on the individuals they know are open to considering this important means of support. Legacies secured through programmes involving ourselves include one for AU$3.75m, one for £2m and one for over £1m.

Campaign videos

For many years we have produced solicitation and thank you videos for schools, universities and colleges. We understood both what messaging resonates with supporters and how to create a tone to such productions that fits with style and ethos of your institution. Let us help you access this powerful engagement tool.

Email campaigns

Around 80% of giving day donations come from an email nudge and structured campaigns using this channel can be extremely effective at the end of the giving year. Deployed in this way, they both raise participation and create a wealth of single donors who can be traded up to regulars the following year. We will work with you to develop the messages, timings, sends and durations of the campaign. Often such programmes also involve us in the production of an accompanying video. One of such campaigns assisted an Oxford college to set the highest ever level of participation in the University.

Text campaigns

Like email, text can be a perfect way to get the last small gifts at the end of a giving year. But it can also be hugely useful at events and for driving class/graduation giving. We will help you deliver the sophisticated personalisations and messages that are needed to ensure a good reception to your text, and a high response.


Surveys are not simply information and opinion gathering exercises, they are engagement tools. Nothing shows you care about your alumni more than asking them about themselves. We can design concentrated, year-round survey programmes that maximise completion through brevity and targets requests from only those where key data is old or absent. Such surveys are very powerful, as multiple touches build trust and raise interest. Or we can build larger surveys designed to go to all your constituents, bring within days of the first send, new life to your database. Our surveys achieve completion rates of up to 48%. And surveys can reveal dozens of major gift and legacy prospects and thousands of new or confirmed contact details.